Over the many years of Breeding Golden Retrievers I am so very proud of the repeat customers, emails, letters, pictures and visits From people who have started getting Goldens from us as far back as 1967. A few years back I started getting phone calls from previous customers asking if I could recommend a small breed dog as family circumstances have changed ( example, allergies, cant do the walks or parks anymore, their living space has downsized.) I started to do some research and through another breeder but more importantly a very close friend Lorraine Bain I was introduced to the Havanese. The Havanese is a small breed dog Originally imported from Cuba. In the past few years I have had a few litters and have been very impressed. The Havanese are around 15lbs, hardy, none shedding, and love people, children and other animals. I am also so impressed with how my Goldens and the Havanese get along and interact with each other. Below you will see Daisy’s litter of Puppies ready for their forever homes.