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  1. Hey there, my name is Stephani, my fiancé and I got a golden doodle from Tomiskaway kennels this June (2015). She was from the litter of Breanna and Boomer. She (Aspen) is the sweetest little girl who loves everyone. She has been very easy to train and has been the perfect addition to our family.

  2. We got out Golden Retriever from Kim last week. His name is Bruno and he is 2 months. We are enjoying the time we spend with him. Very naughty at times, but the innocent look in his face calls it off!

    Hope to see him grow and will post again!

  3. Hi all, we got our first golden doodle, Indy, from Kim early in 2014. We love him so much! He is just a wonderful dog, so wonderful in fact that we got another pup from Kim this past summer, Ana. She is the sweetest baby girl you could ask for. Indy and Ana are the best of friends and bring us so much joy and happiness. Kim breeds very loving, happy, playful and healthy dogs. We would recommend her and her dogs to anyone interested in welcoming a new pup into their home.

  4. I just came across my puppy file as I was cleaning out a closet. And there it was, our wonderful Golden’s puppy package from Kim — we names her Jenny April. She was born May 11, 2014 and has been the most wonderful pet. A joy as a pup and even more as an adult. Sadly now Jenny is going down hill. As she moves into her senior years she is getting stiff and has been ill now for the last year with many trips to the vet, but her demeanor never changes, she is still happy and full of life. She deals with one small dog and two energetic cats every day with not even a hint of impatience. Each day she retrieves our shoes, brings them to the door to greet us with them, and then doesn’t give them back!, she still begs for food at the table and hates the vacuum cleaner! We know that she won’t be around forever but she will have filled out lives with joy and we could not have asked for a better pet or friend over the last 11 years.

  5. Am SO very happy with my little guy Max!!
    What a great pup he has turned out to be!! So smart and mellow!!
    A perfect fit and addition to the family!!

    Thanks for a great dog…

    Andrew, Murphy and Max

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