Michelle Walker Hamilton

Our Golden Doodle Parker is quite the character. We got him in the fall of 2013. He was from the litter of Bella and Boomer. He has his quirks but we love him very much. June 3, 2015

Debbie Orangeville

Hi my name is Debbie and I got my golden Austin 13 years ago aka my fur baby. As he is getting older and slower he still greats me with a hello and lots of love. such a great personality. ?? ­čśÇ May 17, 2015

Billa and Grace Arsenault Brampton

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that our golden, Carly, that we picked up from your father over 14 years ago just passed yesterday. The fact that she lasted over 13 of those years without any health issues is a testament to how she was bred and the care that your father put into these dogs. My wife and I would like to thank you for allowing this wonderful dog to be a part of our family for the last 14.5 years March 3, 2015

Sarah Grimsby

We have had two absolutely unbelievable dogs from you. Madison, born in August 1994 and Max born in April 2009. Madison was the best dog anyone who met her had ever known. People used to ASK to dog sit. Max is an entirely different dog, but equally wonderful and loves by everyone who meets him. They were so highly trainable I actually taught Madison to roll over when she was 12 years old! I would recommend this kennel to anyone who is ready to love a Golden. February 7, 2015

Natalie & John Brampton, Ontario

This has been a very long time coming and long overdue. Sam born at Tomiskaway in July 1999 – parents were Goldenjoy Benjamin Xavier and Chrystal’s Golden Sasha Two (Sam’s registered name was Molson 10th). Sam was an absolute treasure – smart, gentle, a pleasure with kids, other pets – he was the patriarch of the neighbourhood – everyone loved and knew Sam. He a happy / well adjusted playful puppy and had patience with the young pups as he grew older. We were so impressed with the Tomiskaway Kennel and attribute Sam’s endearing qualities to the ‘home’ he was born a. Sadly, we lost Sam in 2010 – he was a part of our family and we mourned his loss. If / when we are ready to adopt another puppy – without question, we will be contacting Tomiskaway. February 2, 2015

Don and Donna Hartley, Mississauga

Hi Kim~
It was great seeing you yesterday and visiting with you and your wonderful puppies! Can’t wait to bring “Emma” home, a new friend for Abbey. I know she will fit right in and bring us hours/years of happy times! Abbey enjoyed the visit too! It was great to see that ‘Teddy’ (Abbey’s dad), although retired, is still happy and healthy at 14 yrs! Thanks again for the wonderful visit. See you in September! August 19, 2014

Joanne Stevensville

Hi Kim just a quick note to say Molly is doing wonderful she is a great dog a little spoiled but nothing wrong with that she is three now and the most loving dog she loves everyone and all other dogs she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body she did blow a knee out last year playing with some dogs but had surgery and a year latter is back to normal sheds great thank you we love her to death . February 26, 2014

Karen Gorrell Aurora,On

Hi Kim,
In July 2012, we came to you looking to adopting.We picked out sweet girl Zoey, Mother Reba and Father Buzz. Zoey has been like a gift from God to us, Beautiful, loves everyone, funny,easy and still sweet. Best addition for our family. Thank you so much!
Best Wishes
Karen, Liam Callum and Zo January 30, 2014

Sydney Watson, Peterborough

Hi Kim, I can’t believe my little girl just turned a year old yesterday. Amazing how fast time flies when your having fun, I couldn’t imagine life now with out Lexi in my life.
Sydney Watson January 12,

Crystal Hamilton

Hi Kim

I have been meaning to email you regarding our puppy purchase back on January 26th 2013. We purchased a puppy from a GoldenDoodle litter between Summer & Buzz born December 1st 2012.

We named him Harley, and he is quite the character. He has a litte bit of attitude, but that’s alright with us. If your attention isn’t on him, he will let you know by using his “right hook” as we call it.
He turns a year next week, and I’m pretty sure he is still growing. He weighs about 85lbs now, but he still thinks he’s a lap dog. I don’t have the heart to tell him he’s not. He loves the water, and enjoyed swimming this summer.

I will be sure to send you a few photos of him over the past few months.

We would recommend you as a breeder to anyone looking for a Golden or a GoldenDoodle.

Crystal, Chris, & Harley November 25, 2013

Tracy Milton

Hi Kim,
Just wanted to touch base with you. Buddy and Sully are both wonderful puppies. They love each other so much and have the most amazing friendship, Your dogs are a amazing they are a true testament to your kind hard working caring nature. Your love for these dogs show in their personalities. Thank you once again
Tracy November 4, 2013


Hi Kim!

This is Lauren and Ryan, we adopted the little golden puppy yesterday. I’m just emailing you to let you know that we have named her Haylie. She has brought so much joy to our family, I’m so glad you recommended her to us because she is just perfect in every way!
Last night she went to sleep in her crate with her new bed and her blankie and she didn’t cry once! Also her bathroom training has gone perfectly without incident (so far) lol. She is just so smart!
Thank you so much for doing what you do. I’ll send you some pics real soon.
Talk to you soon!

Lauren, Ryan, Samantha, Khloe, Tango and Haylie July 8, 2013

Tracy Milton

We met Kim October 2012, after suddenly loosing our spaniel. I’m so glad we went on Craigslist and found her. Buddy is now 11 months and the most, handsome, smiling, funny, cuddly, happiest dog I have ever had. My name is down for a brother for buddy, I recommend Kim to everyone, her love for her dogs shines through. Kim stays in touch with you, she is having buddy for 2 weeks while we o away, her dogs are her life. Thanks Kim x June 28, 2013

Kaye Rankin, Burlington

Hi – Molly is 7 months now, she is into everything but makes it fun for all. She is shedding a lot right now but we have it somewhat under control. She is about 55lbs and growing. Love her June 3, 2013

Wendy Oakville

Hi Kim,

We got Ellie from you in March three years ago. She is absolutely the most perfect dog for us! She is smart, gentle, and sweet. She is great with kids, loves adults and other dogs. She has even raised a kitten as her puppy. The still love to cuddle and wrestle together.

After three years I can’t say enough about how much Ellie has added to our lives. I wish her mom, Classic Cassey and dad, Mack where still breeding together. We would pick up a sister in a second.

When we get another Goldie we would never bother to look anywhere else!

Thanks Kim! May 10, 2013

Karolea, Ontario

Hi Kim,

It is hard to believe that it has just been over a week that we have had Khloe, it feels like she has been part of the family for much longer. She is definitely right at home now, she is curious and is checking out more of the house by the day. She is used to being in her crate now for sleeping and while we are out. She often goes in herself and rarely whimpers/cries when we leave. I think the kong with peanut butter is a good distraction too.

Not to brag, but you have smart doggies!! She has mastered ‘sitting’ and is about 80% trained to go outside. Speaking of outside, she loves playing in the snow with Nicholas and Justin.
She will sit by the door when she wants to go out which drastically reduces the accidents in the house and paws the door to come in… she is one smart cookie!!

She is a joy to have at our home

Karolea February 12, 2013

Kaye Rankin, Burlington

We purchased Molly on New Years Day we just adore her, she is a darling, we are about 80% complete with house training, its puppy classes this week, She already comes, sits, down… Kim is great and would highly recommend her to anyone. Molly is 3 months next week, and I just can’t seem to put her down. Just love her. January 20, 2013 0 0
Debbie Ezard Toronto debbie.ezard@gmail.com Hi Kim:
I’ve had three golden retrievers from your kennel and still have one of them Arthur. My first golden from your kennel was Odie which I bought from your father one Saturday afternoon. The second golden was Bailey who was bought by my brother who sadly passed away and so I took Bailey into my home. Bailey lived to be 15.5 years old. I still have Arthur who was born on November 29th, 2012. I always tell the story when I came to pick up Arthur, that you said that your mom was going to be sad to see Arthur go because when your mom helped to clean the stalls out, she would call him by name so became attached (we had been to visit your kennel a couple of times before Arthur could come home and had already given him his name). I’m glad to see that you are still breeding goldens. You may see me again one day in the future. The three goldens from your kennel that I have been lucky to have had and still have (Arthur) have brought so much love and happiness to me and my family!
Debbie November 22, 2012

Joel and Laura Barrie, ON

Hi Kim,

This October 9, 2012 marked 2 years since the most beautiful soul we have ever had the pleasure of knowing was born. Blitz was a pup from your 1st litter of goldendoodles and this December we will have had her for 2 wonderful years. We just wanted to update you on her well-being and let you know how much she is loved by everyone in our family. Blitz has to be one of the most even-tempered, well-adjusted dogs we know. She has the sweetest demeanor and cannot get enough cuddles from anyone willing to offer them up. She also enjoys going to Laura’s animal care worker classes at the college where she willingly lets anyone do body checks on her and practice proper restraints. Again, we thought of you when Blitz’s b-day passed a few weeks ago and wanted you to know that your pup has become one of our family´┐┐s greatest joys, thank you! October 19, 2012


Hi Kim,
I just wanted to update you on our sweet Fable and let you know how wonderfully she’s doing. She is the smartest puppy I’ve ever had and picks up on things so quickly. She hardly has accidents and knows to go to the door when she wants to go out. She transitioned to her new food well and had no stomach issues which was a huge relief. She LOVES people and has daily play dates with our neighbour’s seven month old Corgi, Neko. She ADORES Neko and waits at his front door every time we go outside. They are sweet together and play incredibly well. She’s starting puppy classes in three weeks and I’m excited to see how she is with all of the other puppies, she is so social!
She’s adjusted well to her new home and we can’t remember what life was like without her. She adores her crate and sleeps perfectly through the night and doesn’t mind being left for a bit during the day but to be honest, she’s only ever been alone for two hours because I hate leaving her and I’ve been lucky in having my sister come stay with her when I’m in class. The day that we brought her home, she had eight visitors and charmed them all.
Thank you so much for giving us this amazing little being. We love her more than we knew possible and she is the new centre of our universe.
Take care
Kate (& Fable) September 28, 2012

Taylor Jackson, Toronto

Hi Kim,
In 2004, after my family decided it was time to start fresh and move out of the city we moved to Georgetown. My dad had always promised my sister and I a dog. When he asked us what kind of dog we would like my first answer was a German Shepard. Then he asked my sister, and her answer was a Great Dane. So between the answers we knew we wanted a large dog. My dad knowing he wanted a Golden anyways threw the idea in the air and we all jumped for it. On September 1st, our now 8 year old Retriever Trooper was born and he is the heart and soul of our family. He brings us laughter with his bubbly personality and warmth with the love in his big brown eyes. In 2008 I was diagnosed with a brain condition, and in 2010 I had 2 brain surgeries which was very hard on the entire family. If we didn’t have Trooper I don’t think we’d be as far as we are. He’s my friend, my pal and even my babysitter! Trooper’s my nightly pillow, blanket and sometimes foot rest. Kim, you have been so kind to me and my family and I thank you greatly. Trooper will be the love of our lives forever and without your help and support we wouldn’t have him. Thanks again so much <3 September 10, 2012

Stasi O’Hare, Georgetown

Hi Kim,
14 Years ago, we were living in Mississauga and through a friend found out about your Dad’s kennel. Tom was wonderful and we adopted the most beautiful girl. Bella has been the heart of the family, and saw us through our getting married and 6 years ago, starting our family – we now have 2 little boys who worship her.
Sadly, she has developed an illness and the time with her now is very short. It will be a great loss to us. We wanted to let anyone know that we couldn’t have had a better dog. Her temperment is more gentle and she was so easily trained as a puppy. Thanks Tomiskaway Kennels! June 5, 2012 0 0
John & Gayle Grimsby Hi Kim just letting you know we very proud of our 5 month old golden name cooper he is doing well and going on his first walk for the Purina walk for guide dogs.We are very happy that we found you and so luckey to have cooper in our family thank you so much the Hinchliffe’s May 26, 2012

Cindy Huntsville

Hi Kim
Firstly I would like to say how greatful I am to Tomiskaway kennels, 14 years ago this long weekend my husband and I made the treak to Georgetown (we live in Huntsville Muskoka) to see your Dad(Tom if I remember correctly)and picked up our very own golden retriever who we named Max. Max was born on april 1st 1998, he was an amazingly strong, gentle, patient and relentlessly loving dog. I wont say he didnt get into trouble; he ate a rubber duckie that had to be surgically removed 10 years ago ) Sadly Max passed away this past Monday and although we are far from being ready to welcome another puppy into our home and family I know I can not live without a dog for long. I also remember how long it took to find Max.
Over the years many people commented how gentle Max was with everything from babies to ducklings to puppies. He just had a purely loving soul.
I am also wondering if you have any litters that might be a descendant of Storm Max’s Dad.
Please put me on the waiting list for a max pup. I can’t guarantee that we will be ready but as I said when we are I don’t want to wait too long )
Thanks again for your reply it is defiantly part of my healing process
Thank you again for the wonderful gift your Dad entrusted us with 14 years ago. Words will never be able to describe how much Max ment to us or contributed to our lives!
Cindy. May 17, 2012

Carol Stokes, Georgetown

I had been looking for a family pet for several months. I had been looking on the internet and had visited several kennels until I ended up at Tomiskaway and met Kim and her puppies. There was only one female left and she was the runt of the litter. Kim let me take her home for a few hours to let my husband meet her and Ali has been with our family ever since. She is the sweetest most gentle dog I have ever owned. She is also very intelligent! She has been with me since May 2003. April 22, 2012

Amanda Winona

My husband and I went for a visit back in February to see Kim and the Goldens. After searching online for a few months and doing a lot of research I found Tomiskaway. I loved what I read and what I saw so we went just to “take a look” to see what they were like. We fell in love instantly and could see how much love Kim had for them all aswell. We have since given our deposit for the newest and final addition to our family and cannot wait to see the looks on our kids faces. April 17, 2012

Carolyn Wainwright Caledon, Ontario

We purchased Aspen in 1995, he lived for over 15 years, he was the most loving and beautiful dog and sadly missed. Today we decided to revisit Tomiskaway Kennels and we are so excited to have listed our name for a new puppy due this April. We are really looking forward to this new addition to our family. March 10, 2012

Jennifer Georgetown

Hi Kim,
My husband and I just wanted to let you know just how much we love our new puppy Marlie! She is beautifull and calm! Her lovely temperament and demeanor has allowed our 3 children to bond with her instantly! Thank you so much for the puppy training tips the kids are doing a great job at helping us train Marlie, she is so smart! Also thank you so much for allowing us to have one of your beautiful treasures, you do amazing work with your dogs! I would highly recommend you as a breeder in fact I already have!
Thanks again!
The McCloskey Family February 28, 2012


WE PURCHACED OUR Molly from Kim she is a wonderful dog we love her very much she travels everywhere with us smart and just loves everyone and all other dogs she is a joy thanks Kim February 22, 2012 0 0
JOANNE CAYUGA WE PURCHACED OUR Molly from Kim she is a wonderful dog we love her very much she travels everywhere with us smart and just loves everyone and all other dogs she is a joy thanks Kim February 22, 2012


Hi Kim:

I just wanted to update you on Harley. He has been an absolute gem. He has been very good on his house training and starting to head to the door to go out after only two days. He has quite an appetite as well and finishes his kibble as soon as it is put in front of him. He is a very happy and loving pup.

Also if anyone wishes to talk to us in the future when looking for a pup, please give them my number. This little guy has sure given us a lot in such a short time.

Our family is extremely happy in choosing Tomiskaway, Kim you breed a fantastic companion! I will keep you updated! Once again thanks for everything Kim. Geoff. February 21, 2012


Hi Kim
Our Bella is doing great. She is a happy, sweet and loving member of our family and she is now the team mascot for both of my girls travel soccer teams..she even has a matching bandana to wear to the games. Bella brings joy wherever she goes and the soccer field just happens to be one of her favourite places…lots of kids, soccer balls and green grass.
Bella is also great at retreiving and loves her ‘chuckie ball’.
We are now in the process of looking to see if Bella and I can work together for her to become a therapy dog as I think her personality would be perfectly suited to that and she has so much love to give, particularly to children. We are looking into her helping with a children\’s literacy program and she visits the kids at story time.
I dont know what is required to make her a therapy dog but I will keep you posted if we are able to go thru this process and she/we receive a placement and at that time I will send photos for that.

I think its wonderful that you donated a puppy…something you should perhaps include on your website so people know that some of your dogs are working dogs. Bella is certainly very, very intelligent and well behaved and beyond that, she also ‘guides’ me at night…if I walk up the stairs with the light turned out, she stands next to me and will lead me in the dark..I could even close my eyes and hold her collar and she takes me right to my bedroom at the other end of the house….it was funny to realize that this is what she was doing so somewhere in her bloodlines it is very ingrained for her to be caring and protective of her people.

I hope everything is going great for you and with the puppies.

all the best,
Myrna, Emma & Claire
and our beautiful golden, Bella February 1, 2012

Lori Ward Georgetown, ON

I met Kim, the owner/operator of Tomiskaway Kennels in Georgetown, Ontario over 7 years ago and we have stayed in touch since. A very nice lady. She and her family are extremely passionate about Golden Retrievers. They are known all over Ontario as reputable breeder. Their pups are healthy, happy, and quite gentle-natured. Bouncing bundles of joy! They are truly irresistible! I have recommended a number of people to Tomiskaway Kennels as I am confident Kim and her daughter will work well with them to find just the right pup. All the people I have recommended to this breeder are very happy with their Golden(s)and comment on how their “new addition” has so enriched their lives. Goldens are loyal, intuitive dogs who love to bond with their owners, go for walks, and play. I highly recommend if you are interested in a Golden Retriever pup you call Kim at Tomiskaway Kennels. Your “new best friend” awaits you! January 29, 2012 0 0
Mike & Alexandra michaelcharris1@gmail.com Its Mike and alexandra the folks who picked up – the former \”kiss\” now known as Ella We just wanted to thank you, ann let you know that she is perfect, and learning so quickly! she has only had 2 accidents in side, she is very responsive to her name already, plays fetch, and comes when called nearly every time… she is such a wonderful dog and we cant wait to experiance her for years to come!

Thanks again

Mike & Alexandra January 9, 2012

Michelle Clow, Mississauga

Just a note our puppy has just turned 1 and Kooper is the best dog in the world. We were lucky enough to get Kooper from the 2nd litter of Goldendoodles Kim breed. If your asking why a doodle they are the best mix of our favourite dog the Golden retriever which we owned prior to Kooper. He has the best personality of any dog i know and smart, definitely runs our house and we love it. December 21, 2011

Debbie L Barrie

Dear Kim,

Just wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how wonderful it was meeting you yesterday. Unfortunately, we see very few people these days as “genuine” as you, and it is well reflected in your puppies”! Thank God for caring individuals such as yourself, you are an inspiration to all that have the opportunity to meet you.

“Boomer’s” transition has been truly incredible. We came in about 5:30, after picking up a few things at Pet smart, and then fed him. We took him outside, he did his business with loads of “praise” and has continued so, throughout early this morning, and up until now. I just make a habit of taking him out once he’s done eating, and then a little later, no accidents, he just heads for the sliding glass doors, and we know! We bought him a “rope” chew toy for his teething, and he enjoys playing “tug of war” with it also. He slept on the blanket you gave us, right beside Miguel, on the floor. We took him to “school” this morning, in order to get him used to the car, and he was more than content! Anyway, I could go on and on, and write a “novel”, but will spare you! Just wanted to let you know how he was doing, and will keep in contact. Thank you ever so much again! !!!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!
Debbie Lunau December 19, 2011

Jasmin and Jason, Cambridge

jWe picked up Sadie a week ago from Tomiskayway Kennels and are so happy we did. She is very cuddly, fun, and playful. We already have a routine down and she is getting used to new things very quickly. After only one week, she is already getting used to her leash…
Kim is great with her puppies, and it shows in Sadie’s behaviour… she has had a lot of human contact prior to coming home with us. We love her and she is so smart We look forward to all the fun memories Sadie will share with us! Thanks Kim! December 2, 2011

Gail R Limehouse, ON

I had purchased our first golden, a male from your father 18 years ago. The personality that this dog had is forever in our memories. The most loyal of a companion from the moment he entered our home and lives. Thank you for carrying on the family kennel and the dedication you have for your goldens. Looking forward to picking up my new puppy soon. I know he will be my joy.
Gail November 26, 2011

Janet. L My husband and I picked up Hunter when he was 8 weeks old as our first dog together. He was so quiet and sweet as a puppy. Very easy to train and quick to please. He is one of the most gentle dogs I know. Always ready to be cuddled and loves giving kisses. He has never had any health issues and now at 11 years old still loves going for walks and running after the kids. He is a great dog, an amazing part of our family and I don’t know what we would do without him. We will be returning to Tomiskaway Kennels to purchase another puppy in the near future.

I would never consider looking anywhere for another member to our family. With the love, kindness and brains we have in Hunter I would never purchase from another breeder.
Thanks Kim! November 25, 2011

Julie & Bob H.

This is our second Golden from Tomiskaway Kennel. Our first Golden was ´┐┐Chelsea´┐┐ purchased from Tom, who was amazing & passionate about this breed, which sold our family on always having a Golden in our lives. Chelsea was amazing from day one and was the favorite of the neighborhood for sure & in our hearts always. As Chelsea got on in years and towards the end of her 14 year life we decided it was time to share or next Golden ´┐┐Tanner´┐┐ with her in her last months. He´┐┐s a big boy and the joy of our whole family. He is smart, gentle and the biggest suck ever. He is our shadow for sure and always wants to be with you and were the action is. He is fearless, curious and always the first to greet you at the door with a toy, even if your gone for 10mins´┐┐.everyone gets greeted with a present from Tanner. I would most definitely return to Tomiskaway kennel for another Golden and we are happy Kim has carried on her Dad´┐┐s passion, care and love with this breed. November 25, 2011 0 0