About Us


My Father started breeding dogs in the early 1960’s. He had other large breed dogs. In 1967 when I was barely old enough to walk he purchased his first Golden Retriever and fell madly in love with their unconditional love and gentle disposition. At that moment he knew he had found his best friend and loyal companion.

Over the years of me growing up around the Golden Retriever our family felt the same passion. The Golden Retriever added much love and laughter into our home which has been passed on to other families for many years. All through my childhood and my married life my family and I have always been involved with the kennel and has spent many days with my dad as it was both our pride and joy.

Sadly my father passed away in 2001, and I continued to carry on the kennel as it has always been my love and passion for this wonderful breed.

It is always a great feeling when I get calls, emails, pictures and visits from families who have been purchasing Tomiskaway Kennel puppies from years and years ago.

My goal is to continue to produce life long healthy, gentle natured puppies that will fill your home with lots of love and laughter as it does ours.

Please feel free to come out and meet our Golden Family.